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Privacy Policy

At Wonder Works, Inc., we recognize the critical importance of responsibly managing, protecting, and utilizing the personal information entrusted to us by our customers. Our commitment to privacy is a core part of our social responsibility, and we strive to exceed customer expectations in all our activities. This Privacy Policy outlines our practices and commitments regarding the handling of customer information.

  1. Principles of Data Management

    • We acquire and document customer information legally and fairly, ensuring clear identification of the data being processed.

    • Ongoing education and awareness programs are conducted for our employees and affiliates to ensure the proper management and maintenance of customer information.

    • The specific purposes for using customer information are explicitly stated in this policy or on the respective web pages where it is collected.

    • We respond promptly and within reasonable bounds to customer requests for access, correction, or deletion of their personal information.

    • In cases of outsourcing, where customer information is entrusted to third parties, we conduct thorough investigations of these parties, establish necessary agreements, and take other legally required measures.

    • We adhere to all applicable laws and norms related to customer information, continuously review our compliance program, including this policy, and strive for ongoing improvement.

  2. Definition of Customer Information

    • Customer Information encompasses personally identifiable information and other data linked to the customer's use of our services, except where specifically defined otherwise.

    • Personally identifiable information includes names, birth dates, ages, addresses, phone numbers, credit card information, email addresses, and purchase history with our company.

    • Information related to the customer's use of our services includes IP addresses, browser types, etc.

  3. Methods of Collecting Customer Information

    • We collect customer information through various means, including product user registration, online store registrations, campaign entries, and in cases of corporate acquisitions, mergers, or changes in contractual status.

    • Additionally, we utilize certain technologies like IP address and browser information recording, cookie usage, and Google Analytics Remarketing to enhance our services and provide targeted information.

  4. Management of Customer Information

    • Customer information is strictly managed through both system-based and internal operational methods to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, leakage, or tampering.

    • Access to customer information is restricted within the company to relevant personnel only, as per our internal rules.

    • In the unlikely event of a security issue, we will promptly address the situation and disclose relevant information and response measures on our website.

  5. Purpose of Using Customer Information

    • The collected customer information is used for providing technical support, guiding upgrades, and offering various services related to our products.

    • We use this information for campaigns, new product announcements, collecting customer opinions for product and service improvement, and executing product support.

  6. Email Newsletter Distribution

    • Customer information may be used in our email newsletters to provide service information. Each newsletter will clearly identify the sender and include instructions for unsubscribing.

  7. Customer Information Inquiry Handling

    • Requests or inquiries from customers regarding their personal information are handled through a dedicated contact point, ensuring respect for customer preferences and implementing necessary procedures for disclosure, modification, or deletion of their information.

  8. Privacy Policy Administrator

    • The responsibility for managing customer information lies with Tetsuo Okuda, President and Representative Director of Wonder Works, Inc.

  9. Contact Information for Inquiries

    • For any inquiries regarding the registration and management of customer information, please contact us at:

  10. Site-Specific Arrangements

    • Individual websites managed by our company may have more detailed arrangements. In such cases, the site-specific arrangements will take precedence over this policy.

  11. Updates to the Privacy Policy

    • We reserve the right to modify this policy without prior notice to customers. However, if changes are disadvantageous to the customer or require prior notification or consent by law, we will follow the necessary legal procedures.

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