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WONDER WORKS supports overseas companies looking to tap into the potential of the Japanese market in the burgeoning e-commerce industry. From managing products consistently to simplifying business operations, we enable our clients to grow their business.

WONDER WORKS is a strong partner for overseas companies looking to enter the Japanese market using major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Rakuten. We offer a full range of fulfillment and logistics solutions to streamline your end-to-end operations, from product inspection and storage to shipping and returns.


We ensure smooth business operations for our clients by responding quickly and flexibly to the needs of the Japanese market and minimizing the complexity and risk of business operations.


Our goal is to provide an environment in which our clients can entrust us with behind-the-scenes operations with peace of mind so that they can concentrate on expanding their business in Japan.

Our differences

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Online store management agency business

Rapidly growing Amazon and Rakuten store operations require fine adjustments on a daily basis. Our experts who understand Japanese consumer behavior and market trends act on behalf of our clients so that they can focus on creating competitive products.

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Localize your listing

A service for adapting product information for the Japanese market. Create more engaging and effective marketing messages with a deep understanding of language, culture and consumer behavior patterns.


Fulfillment service

We provide end-to-end solutions to streamline your business operations, from product receipt to inspection, storage, shipping, and customer return handling, helping to improve product distribution and customer satisfaction.


Logistics management

We support our clients' business operations through consistent logistics operations, from logistics cost optimization to delivery date management. Accurate and efficient operation increases the reliability of product supply.


Customs clearance manager

Eliminates the complexity of import procedures. There are an increasing number of cases where the establishment of a customs clearance agent is required, and we will facilitate all procedures through communication by native speakers of Chinese and English.


Longterm business support

We value long-term partnerships and provide the necessary support to help our clients achieve sustainable growth and success in the Japanese market. Flexible support according to business needs enables secure operation.

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WONDER WORKSR is a team that aims to be a bridge between the world and Japan. Our passion is to help foreign companies succeed in Japan's mature market, giving them a strong boost in their challenges. We will use our experience as an entrepreneur and our network with a wide range of industries to do our best to realize the company's dream as a partner who pursues the dream together.

Our vision is also entrepreneurial is to create a world in which people with a sense of purpose are connected beyond the walls of markets and cultures. Each service we provide contributes to this vision and aims to facilitate the entry of overseas companies into the Japanese market and even lead them to success.

​Join us for new challenges.

Let's create an exciting future together and become a bridge connecting the world and Japan.

Tetsuo Okuda


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