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Fundraising advisory
for global startups

We are a group of entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of technology and the market. We understand your risks and work together to achieve maximum success. We go the extra mile to help your startup reach the next level.

Home to some of the world's largest companies, raising capital in Japan also paves the way for market access, network expansion, and long-term business success.


However, language barriers are not the only challenges faced by foreign companies. Cultural differences, business practices, and a complex regulatory environment also make it difficult to expand from overseas. We work together to develop strategies, create investor lists, help create pitch materials, and set up meetings with investors so that overseas startups can take full advantage of Japanese funding opportunities. to hold.


We will continue to support you even after the funding, and realize a smooth entry into the Japanese market in the future. With our support, you will not only be able to raise funds successfully, but you will also be able to strategically use the funds to expand and succeed in your business.

Our differneces


Formulation of fundraising strategy

Our experienced team of experts will work out the optimal funding strategy based on your startup's business model and growth plan. Together we will optimize your pitch materials, investor presentations and pave the way for success.


Utilization of investor network

WONDER WORKS has a wide investor network, and our clients can leverage this network to raise funds. We help you identify the best investors for your business and pitch them effectively.


Financing Negotiations and Closing

The negotiation process can be complicated and time consuming. We will negotiate with the Japanese investor on your behalf and support you until an agreement is reached. We also assist with complex procedures and document preparation.

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Support for GTM strategy in Japanese market

Even after successful funding, we will help design and execute your GTM strategy targeting the Japanese market. We provide comprehensive support to overcome cultural and language hurdles and build strong relationships with Japanese clients.


Long-term support

WONDER WORKS will continuously support your business growth. Whether you're looking for additional funding, strategic advice, or networking opportunities, we've got the resources to get you on your way to success.

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WONDER WORK members are a group of entrepreneurs who understand the risk-taking startup landscape. The services we provide are more than just supporting business expansion, they are the realization of an entrepreneurial spirit.

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WONDER WORKS is a team that aims to be a bridge between the world and Japan. Our passion is to help foreign companies succeed in Japan's mature market, giving them a strong boost in their challenges. We will use our experience as an entrepreneur and our network with a wide range of industries to do our best to realize the company's dream as a partner who pursues the dream together.

Our vision is also entrepreneurial is to create a world in which people with a sense of purpose are connected beyond the walls of markets and cultures. Each service we provide contributes to this vision and aims to facilitate the entry of overseas companies into the Japanese market and even lead them to success.

​Join us for new challenges.

Let's create an exciting future together and become a bridge connecting the world and Japan.

Tetsuo Okuda


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