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Tax advisory
for global corporations

WONDER WORKS's tax advisory service starts with understanding the client's business and proposes the optimal strategy. We provide ongoing support to help you adapt to the changing tax environment, accelerate business growth, and together guide you to achieve your goals in solving challenges.

WONDER WORKS's tax advisory services, which are provided in partnership with affiliated tax accountant firms, consist of three main elements: business understanding, optimal plan proposals, execution and ongoing support.


We start with a deep understanding of our client's business. We deeply understand business models and industry trends and propose optimal plans. It is based on the client's business needs and goals, taking into account the latest tax laws and regulations to formulate a concrete action plan to minimize the tax burden while complying with legal provisions. To do.


The tax environment is constantly changing, and timely action is required to keep up with the changes. From initial planning to ongoing review, our tax advisory services help you navigate the modern tax environment.

Our differences


Deep understanding of business

WONDER WORKS's services begin with an in-depth understanding of the customer's business model and industry trends. We do this by laying a solid foundation for developing a more effective tax strategy.


Sharing challenges and goals

We share business needs and goals through close communication with our customers. This helps build a common understanding for making sound tax planning and strategic decisions.


Tax planning

We create customized tax plans based on your specific business environment and goals. This allows you to meet legal requirements while minimizing your tax burden.


Document creation and declaration work

From preparing the necessary tax documents to filing, we manage the entire process reliably. This allows our clients to focus on their business and frees them from complex tax-related procedures.


Navigating the tax system

The tax environment is complex and constantly changing. We respond to those changes and act as a navigational agent to understand the latest regulations and market trends.


ongoing support

We provide ongoing support as your business grows and changes. To that end, we are flexible and support the realization of our long-term vision.

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WONDER WORKS is a team that aims to be a bridge between the world and Japan. Our passion is to help foreign companies succeed in Japan's mature market, giving them a strong boost in their challenges. We will use our experience as an entrepreneur and our network with a wide range of industries to do our best to realize the company's dream as a partner who pursues the dream together.

Our vision is also entrepreneurial is to create a world in which people with a sense of purpose are connected beyond the walls of markets and cultures. Each service we provide contributes to this vision and aims to facilitate the entry of overseas companies into the Japanese market and even lead them to success.

​Join us for new challenges.

Let's create an exciting future together and become a bridge connecting the world and Japan.

Tetsuo Okuda


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