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Connecting the World
and Japan

Unleashing International Potential in Japan

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Support for expansion in Japan

Our mission is to be a reliable partner for foreign companies entering the Japanese market. The Japanese market has great business opportunities, but there are many challenges associated with expanding from overseas, such as differences in language and culture, unique laws and business practices. Our team of experts solves these challenges and provides comprehensive support for our clients to succeed in the Japanese market.


Specific services include market research, business strategy formulation, partnership building, risk management, and all aspects related to entering the Japanese market. In addition, we have various resources and networks that foreign companies need when they enter the Japanese market.


Leveraging our expertise and extensive experience, we provide customized strategies that address each client's unique business needs to maximize market entry success.


LIFESTYLE DESIGNS aims to provide products that suit various lifestyles in the post-COVID era.


Leveraging our experience in supporting the entry of foreign companies into the Japanese market, we meticulously select products that enhance new working styles, healthy living, and energize life.

By negotiating directly with factories, we ensure quality while reducing intermediary margins, making our offerings reasonably priced.


Our goal is to meet customer needs with a simple style, free of unnecessary decorations. While our current product range is limited, we plan to expand it further. Our mission is to provide the most suitable products for everyone who wishes to lead a high-quality life.


WonderAI aims to enhance work productivity by leveraging the power of AI. We use AI technology to optimize business processes, enhance data analysis, and advance automation, significantly improving business productivity.

By providing insights through AI and supporting faster decision-making, we strengthen corporate competitiveness. Our goal is to utilize the latest AI technology to reduce working hours, improve cost efficiency, and focus on more creative tasks.

We offer innovative AI solutions, providing robust support for businesses to achieve new growth.



The WONDER WORKS team not only has a deep understanding of the needs and problems of our clients, and is willing to work together to solve new challenges, but also strives to constantly improve our services. Our unique approach reflects our willingness to work closely with our clients to achieve their full potential and to constantly provide superior support and service.  



WONDER WORKS serves as a bridge between the world and Japan, aiming to provide Japanese customers with superior products and services from overseas. Our vision is to create a world where everyone who wishes to lead an efficient, high-quality, and healthy life through our products and services can enjoy better choices and live fulfilling days. Towards this goal, we cherish innovative efforts and a deep commitment to meeting customer needs.


We strive as a partner in pursuit of dreams with enterprises, grounded in our values of innovation and efficiency, customer-centricity, and sustainable growth contributing to society. We aim to create a world where entrepreneurial individuals can connect beyond market and cultural barriers.

Tetsuo Okuda


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