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Entry to Japan

Support for expansion in Japan

At WONDER WORK, we use our deep understanding of technology and the market to carefully support foreign companies entering Japan step by step. Our aim is not just to expand, but to build a successful and sustainable business.

We will be a reliable partner for foreign companies entering the Japanese market. The Japanese market holds great business opportunities, but there are many challenges associated with expanding from overseas, such as differences in language and culture, unique laws and business practices. Our team of experts solves these challenges and provides comprehensive support for our clients to succeed in the Japanese market.

Specific services include market research, business strategy formulation, partnership building, risk management, and all aspects related to entering the Japanese market. In addition, we have various resources and networks that foreign companies need when they enter the Japanese market.

Leveraging our expertise and extensive experience, we provide customized strategies for each client's business needs to maximize market entry success.

Our differences

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Understanding technology

We have a deep understanding of technology. We use this knowledge to assist in the appropriate adaptation and deployment of technology-based business models and solutions.


Market research

Entry into the Japanese market requires deep insight and market experience. We leverage our extensive market experience to provide in-depth market research to gain a clear understanding of market size, competitive landscape, customer preferences, industry trends, and more.

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Appropriate localization is essential when entering Japan, a market with different languages and business customs. We go beyond mere translation, advancing localization that includes products and designs.


FBA Solution

We are a strong partner for overseas companies aiming to enter the Japanese market using major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Rakuten. We offer comprehensive fulfillment and logistics solutions, efficiently managing end-to-end operations from product inspection and storage to shipping and handling returns.


Fundraising Support 

We collaborate with overseas startups to formulate strategies, helping them to fully utilize fundraising opportunities in Japan. We assist in creating investor lists, support the preparation of presentation materials, and arrange meetings with investors. Fundraising in Japan, a hub for leading global corporations, not only provides market access but also expands networks, paving the way for long-term business success.

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Tax Advisory Services

Through our partnership with collaborating tax firms, we offer tax advisory services comprised of three key elements: in-depth understanding of the business, optimal plan proposals, and implementation with continuous support. We deeply understand our clients' business, comprehensively grasp their business model and industry trends, thereby providing the best plans.

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WONDER WORK is a team that aims to be a bridge between the world and Japan. Our passion is to help foreign companies succeed in Japan's mature market, giving them a strong boost in their challenges. We will use our experience as an entrepreneur and our network with a wide range of industries to do our best to realize the company's dream as a partner who pursues the dream together.

Our vision is also entrepreneurial is to create a world in which people with a sense of purpose are connected beyond the walls of markets and cultures. Each service we provide contributes to this vision and aims to facilitate the entry of overseas companies into the Japanese market and even lead them to success.

​Join us for new challenges.

Let's create an exciting future together and become a bridge connecting the world and Japan.

Tetsuo Okuda


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